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Saturday May 29, Moab UT to Dolores CO

A great day. All three-star roads. River canyons. High mesas. High mountain passes. It still very cool at those high places. And kind of cool all day.

Returned back toward Cortez on UT 46 / CO 90. No wind this morning, so I made up for the ride into Moab. The road surface rates good to very good, some rough sections, some smooth sections. Lots of sweeper curves and some tight twisties. But you still have to get from the State Line to Naturita by way of Paradox, Bedrock, and Delightfully Descriptively Designated Desperation Valley.

At Naturtia I had to decide between CO 145 to Dolores and CO 141 to Gateway. Tough decision. So, I decide to do both. I would go to Gateway and turn around back to Naturtia and then take CO 145 to Dolores. A most excellent decision. Made for a perfect day in Biker Trash Paradise.

You have to see this countryside, I can’t begin to give it justice. CO 141 runs along the Dolores River to Gateway and then up to the top of the canyon to meet US 550 just South of Grand Junction. A wonderful ride in a river canyon with multi-colored walls. Riding down into the canyon bottom is a trip back geologic time. I don’t know the names of the epochs, but each one occupied huge chunks of time. Plus, you can see the same compositions and colors of the rocks in different canyons.

CO 145 from Naturita first heads up to the top of a high mesa and then at Norwood goes down to the San Miguel River and then goes upstream to the head waters of that stream up in the Telluride Canyon. Another beautiful ride in a somewhat narrow valley.

Out of Telluride, I don’t go to Telluride anymore, the road goes way high to Lizard Head Pass. Very cool way up here, but beautiful. And then a very long downhill run to close to Dolores. The valley is beautiful after the road leaves the canyon.


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