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Friday May 28, Around Moab

Rode around Moab today. Started the day by riding along the Colorado River on UT 128. Down near Moab, the canyon is kind of narrow. As the road approaches the upper reaches of the canyon, beautiful big valleys are there. Bright green crops growing in these valleys. So are high-end frou-frou resorts / spas. I’m sure the last one that I putt-putted through belongs to the class, If you have to ask the prices, you probably can’t afford it. Sorrel Creek I recall the name to be.

Eventually the road moves out of the canyon and valleys and tops the high dry semi-arid plain. I haven’t been watching the miles so closely. And I see a thin-line road that parallels the I-State chunk that’s required to get back to Moab. It’s very very windy. I finally reach the intersection with the I-State and cross it to check the parallel road. A sign says, State maintenance ends. I give it a try anyway and soon enough the road surface disappears into a mess of rock, dirt, and chunks of asphalt.

Have to go back and use the interstate.

Should have gone all the way back to UT 128.

When I get back to Moab, I ride into Monument National Park and putt-putt around taking in some of the sights.

A quite day checking out Southeastern Utah.


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