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Tuesday May 25, Santa Fe NM to Chama NM

A perfect day in Biker Trash paradise. Just perfect.

US 285 from Espanola to US 64 at Tres Piedras to Tierra Amarilla, then US 64 / 84 to Chama, then a ride up to the Cumbres summit pass on NM 17 and back to Chama.

That chunk of US 64 has got to be in the top 10 of my all-time favorite roads. Up over a high pass and then through a beautiful wide valley into Chama. Lots and lots of unsurpassed long views all along the route. As you approach Chama, the mountains in Colorado are right there in front. Beautiful. Five stars for sure.

The route that I took is about two times as many miles as taking US 84 directly from Espanola to Chama. But it’s ten times better, Biker Trash wise. And if you don’t stop for too long, it doesn’t take nearly twice the time, if you get my drift. The road speaks to you and it becomes impossible to not twist the throttle more and more.

This wasn’t my original plan, but while I was up at the summit, the scenic train pulled into a station up there. I became a train spotter and started taking pictures. And followed along as the train made its way back to Chama.

I met Adam, who had a movie camera and high-tech microphone setup by the track waiting for the train. Adam is working on a film about the history of the scenic railroad, Cumbres & Toltec, because his grandfather help build the line. The film is his dissertation. He had selected an especially scenic spot, so I waited for the train with him and took some photos.

I took a lot of photos today, some might be worth keeping.


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  1. Hey sounds neat! If you go into Boulder you have to stop at Front Range Hippotherapy and meet my friend. I think you would really like her and then you could give me the scoop on how she got started and what her farm is like! BEAUTIFUL weather here….doesn’t get any better. Hope yours is as good!

    Comment by Sara Benson | May 26, 2010 | Reply

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