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Monday May 24, White Rock NM to Santa Fe NM

Started out to get back up high in the mountains, on NM 4, but by the time I get to the top of the mesa, not even getting to the high altitude, the temperature is in the low 40s F (single digit in those other units). Decide to go into Los Alamos and wait for the temperature to increase. It’s very windy, too.

Chatted with a guy who said he was in high management at the La-bor-a-tory, the Nukey Bombs part. Now he’s into odd jobs for a property-management company. hhhmmmm. I wonder. But on the other hand I’ve always found Higher Management, especially Project Managers, could slip into odd-job maintenance and never be missed.

Higher temperatures are not coming on very fast. So I decide to get down off the mesas and check out stuff in the canyons. And that’s how I spent the day; just cursing around from place to place. Went up two dead end roads just to see what was there.

Northern New Mexico is beautiful, so riding around and exploring local places is a real pleasure. There’s not a cloud in the deep blue sky. Hasn’t been for three or four days now.

The bike needs a short service, basically an oil change, so I ride on down to Santa Fe hoping the dealer will work me into the schedule first thing in the morning.

Don’t yet know where I’ll head from here. Need warmer temperature to get into the really high mountains.

Another day in paradise.


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