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Tuesday May 18, Bentonville AR to Miami OK

Got new shoes for the machine and got the mirror replaced and putt-putted into OK. The motor in the new machine is very hard on tires. Or, maybe more correctly, application, by the user, of some of the capabilities of the motor in the new machine is very hard on tires. Otherwise I would be projecting. That is, if a projectionee can be an inanimate object when the projectionory is a person. There are three ladies in my life who have professional experience in these things. Not the pop-psycho-babble stuff, but the real thing. So far as I am aware, none have identified any such deficiencies in me. I do not project.

Not much at all in the way of roads. AR 90 OK 43 are nice rides, but short. They just got me into the Eastern boundary of The Great Flats Barrier. Nothing to do but set the machine on cruise control and rack up miles and miles of the flattest and straightest roads and work my away across the Barrier.

The roads in Southern MO and Northern AR will have to sustain me until I get to the better parts of NM.


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