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Monday May 17, Ava MO to Bentonville AR

Sun is out, got to go. Will take long-cuts to get to Bentonville.

Just as I wrote those words, a report of severe weather in OK. Large hail big big winds. Sounds familiar.

I left Ava on MO 14 heading for 125 so as to ride through another chunk of the Mark Twain National Forest. Both are great roads, easily 5-star Biker Trash grade. Still mostly sweepers, the ‘mountains’ here are kind of small, but the countryside is beautiful.

MO 125 becomes AR 125 at the state line. The ride was so good, that I continued South with the objective to ride even farther South on AR 7. I would then ride West a bit to AR 21 back into MO. And continue this pattern to get to Bentonville.

However, the first time I tried to ride on AR 7, it started raining. I continued West and tried to go South a couple of more times, getting wet each time. Rain and riding is doable, not much fun, but doable. But when it rains here the water comes down by the buckets full. Deep standing water on the road is not fun, and the threat of riding into huge-size hail is not sensibly doable.

So I continued West on US 62, a good enough road, but wide and very busy. Near Eureka Springs, the road becomes very twisty and almost makes up for missing the small-line roads.

I ride into Bentonville on the backroads and get to our usual motel.

A very good riding day, nearly Biker Trash Paradise grade. We definitely will get back to these parts.


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