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Coding Standards Finally Appear

Steve Easterbrook has provided a list of coding standards that are associated with some of the climate models. The first one is for the NASA / GISS ModelE model and code.

Professor Easterbrook states,

Two followup tasks I hope to get to soon – (1) analyze how much these different standards overlap/differ, and (2) measure how much the model codes adhere to the standards.

Here are a few leads relative to Task (2):

  • A GISS ModelE code fragment
  • Coding Guidelines and Inline Documentation
  • Another NASA/GISS ModelE Code Fragment
  • an extra thousand coe checkers
  • Pattern Matching in NASA/GISS ModelE Coding
  • Yet Even More NASA/GISS ModelE Coding
  • The first of these posts was written almost four years ago. The date on the NASA / GISS ModelE document is February 2010. I’m not hopeful that Better late than never will work out in this case. It’s very difficult to retro-fit coding standards to code that is several decades old.

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    Yet Even More NASA/GISS ModelE Coding

    While pursing the NASA/GISS ModelE coding as part of getting back to the dissipation questions that have come up on Lucia’s Blog in this thread, I ran across yet even more interesting coding. The thread at Lucia’s is related to the posts on this Blog here, here, and here. The dissipation questions come up now and then in several Blogs.

    But first, a short diversion.
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    Another NASA/GISS ModelE Code Fragment

    Using the NASA/GISS ModelE code browser I ran across the MODULE CONSTANT in which several constants are setup as parameters.

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    Coding Guidelines and Inline Documentation: GISS ModelE

    Here’s an example of what a lack on coding guidelines (or ignoring them) can lead to. From the NASA/GISS ModelE online source code browser:

    !@sum SURFCE calculates the surface fluxes which include
    !@+ sensible heat, evaporation, thermal radiation, and momentum
    !@+ drag. It also calculates instantaneous surface temperature,
    !@+ surface specific humidity, and surface wind components.
    !@auth Nobody will claim responsibilty

    This is the entire header information for a 1228-line routine.

    The last line says it all.

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