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Dan Hughes

Coupled Natural Circulation Loops

Coupled natural circulation loops (NCLs) have not been much investigated. Single natural circulation loops, on the other hand, have been the subject of experimental, analytical and numerical research for several decades since the early 1950s. The literature is very extensive with investigations continuing to this day. Much of the research has been directed toward various systems of electric power generation by nuclear power plants.

The objectives of the present notes include; (1) development of model equations for steady-state and transient flows in coupled NCLs, (2) giving the steady state solutions for the steady state equations, (3) linearization of the transient equations for use in stability analyses, and (4) incorporation of realistic boundary-condition representations into the model equation systems for coupled NCLs.

The results are distilled to a system of equations that will be used for investigations into the stability of coupled natural circulation loops.

The design of such systems, also an interesting problem, is not addressed here.

I have uploaded a file here.


February 28, 2013 Posted by | Analytical Sensitivity Analysis, Code Verification, Verification | 3 Comments