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The Road is Calling Again

I’ve been busy doing some paid-for work, which is always a very good thing when you need gas money. The work required a quick trip over to Abu Dhabi and that sucked the energy out for a while, too.

I’ll be off on another no destinations, no reservations Moto Road Trip very soon. The Goddess of The Beauty of Natural Wonders and the God of Moto Wanderlust make me do it. It’s much bigger than I am, so why fight it?

Watch this space for Moto Road Trip journal postings.


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Two Nodes Coupled by a Link

Method of Exact Solutions Verification Problems for Transient Compressible Flows: Two Nodes Coupled by a Link

The analysis given in these previous notes:

Implicit Function Theory Introduction

Initial Method of Exact Solutions Calculations

Single Isolated Node Calculations

Two Fluid Systems Mechanically Coupled Through a Wall

are expanded to include the case of two fluid nodes coupled by a link. Numerical and analytical solutions results are given for an illustrative application.

The mathematical model, an exact continuous analogue of the discrete approximations used in many numerical solution methods, provides analytical and numerical-benchmark problems for verification by the Method of Exact Solutions ( MES ).

I have uploaded a file.

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