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Dan Hughes

Ensemble of Models

There’s a fundamental problem with the ensemble of GCM models approach used in climate science.

Updated 15 August 2010. See below.

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The Clausius-Clapeyron Equation

Much is made about the exponential dependency of the vapor pressure of water as a function of temperature. The implication being, as I understand it, that the Clausius-Clapeyron equation implies that there will be significant additional amounts of water vapor in the atmosphere as the so-called global-average surface temperature increases.

Updated November 27, 2010:
For some reasons unknown to me, this post has gotten a lot of hits. But, as noted back in September, nobody is saying anything. Maybe nobody actually reads the post ?? Maybe it’s completely wrong ??

Updated September 17, 2010. At end of the post.

Updated November 2, 2010:

Here’s a recent review of condensation of a vapor from a non-condensable plus vapor mixture: CONDENSATION FROM A VAPOR-GAS MIXTURE

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