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Dan Hughes

Sunday May 23, Taos NM to White Rock NM

I continued to putt-putt around without any real plan. Mainly to see a few familiar sights. Left Taos on NM 68 to ride down into the canyon of the Rio Grande River. Turned out to be an excellent way to start a touring day. Took a long cut up into the canyon on NM 570. A very nice slow ride right on the river bank. Lots of folks camping in here and more showing up to float the river.

Rode back out of the canyon and picked up NM 75 with an objective to ride The High Road to Taos, NM 76, down into Espanola. NM 75 is an excellent road for running and touring, so I do some of both. NM 76 is being proved up near the intersection with NM 75. Lots and lots of cutting and filling and straightening going on. Later I discover that the work is a continuation of already completed sections of the road all the way down to the intersection with NM 520.

Took NM 68 out of Espanola heading for NM 520 to Los Alamos. Rode through the town to get the road up to the local ski hill to get some long views of the mountains and mesas. Then took NM 4 out to Valle Grande to take some pictures and then back-tracked to Bandelier National Momument. Just sat in the shade and drank a bottle of water.

It’s getting late in the afternoon and the temperature is hot. I don’t have many choices for a motel, so I’m going to park here in White Rock.

A most excellent day in paradise.


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