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Saturday May 22, Las Vegas NM to Taos NM

Putt-putted around on some local roads, NM 518, 105, 94, and 434, working my way to US 64 at Angel Fire. Then into Eagle Nest, Red River, and finally into Taos on NM 522, which picks up US 64 just outside Taos. NM 434 is being improved, but the part past the State Park still wanders it’s way past the trees and rocks and stream. It’s a very narrow one-laner as jt goes up the canyon to the top of the pass. Stopped and sipped on a chilled Starbuck’s product along the way. Very good roads and beautiful mountains. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s very cool up there in the mountains. Not any action in Red River yet, but the bikers will be showing up Real Soon Now.

Lost the road when I was viewing the countryside and arrived at two dead end roads. Agin’ hippie is in charge at the county recycle place. She’s originally from Pennsylvania and moved out West a long time ago. The port a-potty is painted pink just for her. Her husband also works for the county. I’ll bet there are almost no other jobs way out deep in the boonies.

Gated community here at these dead end roads. The idle rich do that to keep out the common riff raff. Dead end roads plus gated community.

Stopped on the way to Angel Fire. Stopped in Angel Fire. Stopped at Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Stopped in Eagle Nest. Stopped in Red River.

Beautiful, beautiful day.

Three-star roads, all of them.


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