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Wednesday May 12, Robinsonville MS to Selmer TN

Well, I ran across a nice surprise of a road this morning, US 51. It was a short hop East on MS 304 to get there. The road parallels I-55 and I took it South to explore more of this region. It must be on the Eastern edge of the delta mega-farming lands because it runs across pleasant small wooded hills. Lots of small towns and communities along the way. Eventually entered an area in which tree farming for paper making was a major activity.

I rode South to near Grenada at which point it was getting straight and flat. Picked up MS 7 to get back up into more forests and hills. It was pleasant ride, but the road is highly proved-up with very long straight sections and wide sweepers. Not technical at all. Probably there are no technical roads in all of Mississippi. But exploring new areas is the destination.

I’m not seeing high-water marks so much any longer, but the Mississippi River was high. Some of the fields have signs of recent standing water, too.

Chatted with Harold at a rest stop. Harold is a native of this region and has a great interest in things motorrad. Very knowledgable and was interested in my approach to long-range touring. Wished me well in my travels.

Rode MS 7 all the way back into Tennessee to get back into forests and small hills. Still kind of flat and straight in Southern TN, but very forested. Had a pleasant ride Eastward on TN 57. I recalled that this was a kind-of twisty road the last time Mary and I were here. I think it’s been re-aligned, as they say. Wide and smooth and not like I remembered at all. But, maybe it was wishful recalling on my part.

Motels have been very few and very far between all day. The usual case when we aren’t in major tourists areas, so I start trying to find a place. Took US 45 North, an almost I-State grade road searching for motels. Finally landed here in Henderson, South of Jackson. In the process I crossed the disaster that US 64 has become. I see that US 64 is designated to be a scenic route by the State of Tennessee. Not any more for me.

I’ve next got to get across the nearby part of Tornado Alley that is West of here. I figure that if I see one of those soon enough I can easily out run it. I’ll probably stay here for two days to take a break from riding. While moto road touring is great fun, it is not travel in the lap of luxury. Especially when heat, humidity, and big hot winds are parts of the journey.


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