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Sunday May 9, Cumberland Falls VA to Clarksville TN

Lots of Big Road riding today. Primarily because I’ve run out of mountains, valleys, coves, hills, and dells. I’m fast approaching The Big Flats Barrier of KS, NE, OK, TX, and Eastern CO. As all the good topo fades behind me, the roads get straighter and flatter. Lots of big wide multiple-lane roads with passing lanes and wide shoulders.

It was a very pleasant putt-putt across rolling hills and beautiful countryside. Lots of horsy farming action around the Eastern part of the run, especially near Rugby. Fancy horsy farms, each one picture perfect. Nearing the Western end lots of big argi, again with many picture perfect complete with very nice houses set way back off the road. Might be related to the closeness of KY and also to the Tennessee Walker brand.

Generally, there seems to be more money for more people outside the deep boonies of the high mountains.

There were a few tiny-lines roads! But not many. Kind of cool cruising all day. Temperature in the high 40s ( F ) for about half the day and then in the high 50s for the last half. The temperature on the bike hit a high of 62 F late in the afternoon.

Landed here in Clarksville because the next place for motel reliability was way down the road. I’m writing this Monday morning and it’s raining with more moving in from the intended direction of travel. I’ll try to wait it out for a while. Maybe if the timing is right I can stop by The Motorcycle Store in Memphis tomorrow and check for necessary accessories. I’m estimating that I’ll need a rear tire by the time I get to Bentonville, AR. That’ll make the fourth or fifth time that I’ve stopped there for tires or service.


I left the State Park on KY 90, a three-star road for sure, but very short. I have noticed that TN 52 / 53 is a Scenic Byway so I make a left turn and head down that way on US 27. As I mentioned above, all the roads today were kind of big. Pleasant touring rides, but not technical at all. Lots of beautiful countryside with the usual mix of regular houses plus a few MacMansions. Rode the Scenic Byway to TN 76 and into Clarksville.

While Nashville has gotten most of the attention regarding the really big rains of a couple of weeks back, I have seen high-water indications out here far from Nashville. And I will see these even down into Mississippi.


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  1. I certainly hope you get to Bentonville tomorrow. If it rains while you are there, I know a lovely little dress shop and some pretty good places to eat. And the folks at the Bentonville shop are friendly and helpful!

    Comment by mary | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. oops, just realized that you hope to get to Memphis, not Bentonville tomorrow. I got excited about the Bentonville stop.

    Comment by mary | May 10, 2010 | Reply

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