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Moto Trip Report: Part 2. An Interlude

The God of Motorcycle Wanderlust and the Goddess of Natural Wonders made me do it.

Picked up the new moto yesterday and put a few break-in miles on the odo. At the present time I’m on schedule to be off on the next moto road trip in a month ( +/- ) or so. Hope to be on the road for 4 or 5 months on the new machine. Mary will hook up with me a couple of times and that always means much more enjoyable road touring.

The new moto has a transversely-mounted in-line 4 motor and definitely falls into the go-fastest category. Seems to have unlimited torque and almost don’t need the first 4 gears. If all the conditions are right, maybe I can break my personal two-wheeled land speed record of 2 miles per minute. But to get to 2.5 would require that a long list of conditions be met. With governments at all levels from village to federal in bad need of cash, I’m seeing lots o’ pulled-over cars with flashing lights sitting behind them.


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Nouns to Verbs: Verbizing Nouns

In a past life I worked for a company the president of which could change any noun into a verb by adding the -ize suffix. I was recently reminded of this when I ran across this brand new ( for me ) verbized noun; analogize.

We generalized ( hehe ) the concept and applied it to the case of someone appearing at your office door wanting to discuss work-related issues as follows; Come in and chairize yourself.

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