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Trip Report: Moto Touring Part 0

Executive Summary

“When you’re running the roads, you can’t watch for The Law.” me

We had a most excellent little putt-putt down into the kudzu and grits belts. Racked up 2200 miles on the way down. Not bad for a trip that is nominally 1100 miles.

We rode many most excellent roads in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. And some good ones in Pennsylvania. West Virginia is becoming my favorite State for road-running. More orgasmic-grade twisty roads per unit area than almost all other states. Road-running biker-trash paradise.

We always moto tour having no destinations and no reservations anywhere. We use real-time tour-planning aids, aka maps, checking to see where the next twisty road might be. We found some really good places to stay on this trip. We knew from previous trips that both West Virginia and Kentucky operate resort-grade lodging facilities in some of their State Parks.

We had passed through the Canaan Valley State Park Resort in West Virginia a couple ago years ago and decided at that time that we had to return for a stay. We did. It’s a beautiful place with very good accommodations at a reasonable rate (mid-week, off season). Cabins are available, but we stayed in a room. The dining room at Canaan Valley is a complete bust; don’t bother. Froo-froo to the very max, an extremely pretentious menu, and ‘presentations’ of the food on super froo-froo dinnerware.

We also made a stop at the Twin Falls State Park Resort in West Virginia. This time in a cabin having lots of space and all stay-over utilities. Again a real bargain at mid-week, off-season rates. Oh we had a wonderful ride between these two places. However, note that in some places it is getting to be difficult to avoid The Robert C. Byrd Memorial Appalachian Highway System comprised of proved-up-to-the-max, cut-and-fill, straight-and-flat, almost I-State grade four laners. It requires careful study of the real-time travel aid to avoid these.

The next place we enjoyed a lot was Solitude Pointe in Northwest Upstate South Carolina. Nice clean conformable cabins in a beautiful setting at a pretty good price. We stayed here two nights.

Finally, a place we’ve stopped before is The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa in North Carolina. This one is not so inexpensive. The Inn has street-level motel rooms available for us moto-tourist types who love to hang out with other biker trash around our beautiful machines, kicking tires and telling some lies.

All these places are located near the heart of the local Biker-Trash-Paradise Grade Riding-and-Running Roads.

We had a most excellent three-plus weeks on the road and another week or so babysitting my Grandson while his parents were away. One of our better Moto Touring Road Trips.

Maybe more later.


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