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Chaos and Butterflies yet again

The NWP and GCM communities cannot think that a Butterfly will have any influence whatsoever on any physical phenomena or processes of interest. Instead the phenomenology of The Butterfly Effect as exhibited by the numerical calculations of some systems of ordinary differential equations is invoked by hypothesis into NWP and GCM models/methods/codes. I think we need to limit discussions to the Lorenz-like systems of ODEs, as these seem to be the basis for invoking the phenomenology into the NWP and GCM communities. Otherwise we will get side-tracked into discussions of the “chaotic response of complex dynamical systems” in general.

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Dissipation of Fluid Motions into Thermal Energy

I have been looking for information on this subject without much success. I have contributed these notes to a thread at Climate Science (the site appears too be down at this time, I’ll add a link later) and at Climate Audit. Viscous dissipation has also been the subject of this post. To date I have gotten very little feedback of any kind. Maybe all this is incorrect, but no one has said that either. All pointers to literature relating to the following will be appreciated.

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