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A Discussion Paper on Software V&V and SQA

I have a kind of long discussion paper on V&V and SQA that I put together a couple of years ago. I have uploaded a copy V&V and SQA.

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Startup Hiccups

I discovered that the spam filter had sucked in all your comments. I’ll be more careful that I clear them ASAP in the future.

Thank you for your excellent comments and I hope you’ll come back often.

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Lack of Transparency and some Vital Technical Issues

I have posted several short discussions of software Verification, Validation (V&V) and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) issues a few times at several blogs. I continue to hope that more complete discussions of significant software engineering issues will follow. So far that has not happened. I have made other direct contacts too, but also without success.

Documentation of the models, methods, and software is the key focus relative to V&V and SQA . My research is conducted mainly on the Web. It is entirely possible that I have missed what I’ve been looking for. But no one has yet provided the information that I know is needed in order to provide creditability to projections/predictions from any and all computer software.

All these codes, and all other aspects of all the software used in the climate-change community, belong to us. The continued lack of open documentation is an affront to all of us who have paid for these products and their applications. The climate-change community must open the documentation windows and let some sunshine in.
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